Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Ten little toes
My daughter's 7th birthday prompted me to work on her birth announcement. LOL! It's never too late, right? ;) I'd say more than 50% is done by now and that's a great motivator. I am trying to keep my works in progress to a minimum and resist starting something from my new stash acquisitions. The fairy seems to take forever since I am stitching one full cross at a time. When I bought the floss the lady from the LNS encouraged me to get all hand dyed threads. It costed an arm and leg at the end and some of the colors weren't worth the price. Let's just say I don't go in and ask for her help as much... So the progress seems really slow compared to stitching a full row of half crosses and coming back to complete them.

Stitching is a learning hobby but I am just so eager to know everything now. LOL! I want to make my son a birth piece too but he's only 5 so I still have at least two years to make his. ;) I spent the day on the computer today, found many new freebies all over the place to add to my collection. Not sure how to organize myself though, should I print them or not? I have quite a few already but at least I could store the charts in a binder or something.

He said he loved me today, I know it's pretty basic in a couple but it is the 1st time I've heard it in two weeks. I think it was said out of routine at the end of a phone call but still he did say it. It got me tears, does he really feel that way? It has been quite a bumpy ride and I wonder, I just don't want to hurt anymore and I really want me and him to work out. Our latest bomb has been droped yesterday, he got a call that was telling him he is fired. Argh! It seems his boss's mother didn't like seeing that Big Fox has tattoos, sadly it took her 4 months to notice... On the bright side, he's available to work tonight at another place that pays daily and he'll have fun with the guys.

Other news too is that he already has a new job in the same field, he didn't know when he was starting as he wanted to be nice and give his boss a 2-weeks notice before leaving. Well, that plan changed quickly so he may start the new job sooner than we expected. After 120 hours he'll be in the union and that will brings it's own benefits to all of us too. Let's hope the rollercoaster ride that is our life has less bumps for a while. ;)

Off to stitch,

Friday, May 26, 2006
Fairy progress
For Ladybug's birthday I wanted to finish the fairy's dress and I made it. She was so pleased and decided I should start stitching the collar, then go up for the face and hat. I like to involve the kids, that way they stay excited about the project I make them and they feel they have helped out in there own way. ;)


Ladybug just celebrated her 7th birthday this past week and I am amazed to see how much she has grown. This is a picture of both kids on our way to breakfast on that special day. Who knew you could get birthday cake for breakfast at a restaurant. LOL!

JD sampler + JCS Ornaments

I couldn't resist a sale and bought new stash again... Traditional Stitches had a chart and it's coordinating embellishment pack for 25% off, then I added the JCS 2005 Ornaments issue and since the 2004 issue was 75% off, I clicked it in my basket too. LOL! It will be fun to try stitching my 1st sampler, I am a bit scared of speciality stitches but one thing at a time, I still have a few projects before I start the sampler. The Just Cross Stitch magazines are mostly to make holiday ornaments but I know they include some designs that cost more than the issue to buy seperately. It's scary, I am starting to build a small stitching stash but geez! it is SO MUCH FUN! teehee!

Slowly but surely, Big Fox's and I are trying to become friends again, we have strong feelings for each other but I hurt just so much from his last 'escapade'. I feel like I want him to feel my pain, yet that is not fair to him, he is trying to make things better, especially when it comes to the future. I am actually very proud of what he is doing, which would include a job change. We just haven't found our way to communicate together yet. Hopefully that will change though...

By the way, I am sorry if my blog doesn't show up too well for some, I use Firefox and see it like I would want others to see it, IE doesn't seem to work well though. I wish I knew how to change it but I don't, so go get Firefox, it's free and safer for your computer than IE!

Saturday, May 20, 2006
Blue and roses
You know how it goes, you enter the needleshop for one thing and come out your hands full and a hole in the wallet. Good thing the day I went I needed a little or perhaps big pick me up, so I was 'open' to buy more than I was going in for. This store is downtown, where I don't go often so in itself it was a treat. I went in for two colors of floss I was missing to complete the Blue Flowers by Permin of Copenhagen kit. I like that I have everything ready for when I want to start.

Then I walked around the store numerous times, the poor lady there was worried aobut me I think, she kept checking what I was doing. LOL! By the time I hit the cash register I believe she was happy that I bought quite a lot, well at least for me. In the sales bins I found a pattern that was reduced from 10$ to 2$, so I then got the floss needed and fabric to stitch on. I found the charts for Knotwork bookmarks 1 which I am so happy to get. I just love celtic knots and although I never really knitted cables in my knitting days, I can at least stitch them easily in cross stitch. ;)

Had a very eventful week but hopefully things will slow down from now on. I really don't think that, as a family, we can take any more than we've experienced in the last two weeks. Big Fox is back and is trying more than ever to make our relationship work, he's been seeing someone to talk too and has mentioned that it would be nice if we both went too. I will go see my doctor (eventually!) and once I know that I am a-ok on the health side, then I will look more into support for the emotional side.

I have been thinking of getting a job also, something that doesn't really make me happy but it might be good for me and the family. It would have to be part-time so I can still spend lots of time with the kids this summer and then once both kids start school we shall see. It would be nice to have a bit more funds, even if it's just to buy more stitching stuff. LOL!

This week I received my first stitching related catalog, it's been a great inspiration and has many items I never saw before. I think everyone living under our roof has looked through the Nordic Needle catalog, each saying which charts they preferred. I think they were hinting for future gifts, right? lol!

I am almost done with the fairy's dress, picture tomorrow as I want to finish it before posting it. LOL!

Friday, May 12, 2006
One down, one to go
This is my 1st cross stitch piece from a kit. I bought this on sale as it represents my son's favorite movie. This was an Aida fabric and I modified (aka fudge a few errors) but haven't signed it yet. I'd like to frame it so he can look at it in his room. :)

About two weeks ago I started this piece using a chart (not from a kit!). This is the very 1st time I buy everything seperately, floss, fabric and chart. I think I spent an hour in the needleshop to find that one chart I really wanted to make. See the lovely fabric? It's from Sugar Maple Fabrics in the Gelati colors, I had to return it once I realised that the piece the owner of the store sold me was too small. Thanks to the online fabric calculators or I would've never found out. Now I get that I should have kept it and bought fabric instead of exchanging it. Anyway, fabric #2 was a white evenweave with silver thread throughout but then little monkey somehow got cherry popsicle on it... We washed it twice and then I ironed it forever and still I could see A) stains B) wrinkles. I was starting to hate that fabric altogether so I went to a different store and bought Jobelan 28-count in pale blue.

I'm trying not too start too many projects at once because I need to focus and I don't have enough supplies either. LOL! I just started stitching so I haven't invested much in equipment (needles, scissors, floss organizer) yet. Tonight I will stitch on the fairy a bit more and will update with a pic of how far I am soon. :)

In unrelated news, Big Fox or my mate, has packed all his gear and left for work. That's after his one day escapade without news and sleeping here barely a night. We have communicated once but it's very difficult to understand what's happening right now. Also Miss Ladybug is taking it a lot harder than Little Monkey is. I hope to get more news, to at least tell the kids what is going on 'cause I sure don't know. :(

Monday, May 08, 2006
Another new stitcher in blogland!
Hi and welcome to my world. I just started stitching a month ago and since I do not know any stitchers locally, what better way to make friends than to start a blog.

So I am Joy, mother of 2 kids that can be wonderful once second and little devils the next. ;) They are girl aka ladybug 6yo and boy aka little monkey 5yo. One is in 1st grade, the other will start kindergarden next fall. At the moment I am a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) and live with my own SAHM. I hope to be able to stay home for the summer and only start work once little monkey starts school. Around here though, plans are meant to be changed, from one second to the next we never know what to expect.

Here's a prime example, my boyfriend aka big fox (the kids father) has not come home last night after work. Who knows, perhaps there's a valid reason.... or not, only time will tell. So this blog helps me cope with life and it's unexpecting surprises. ;)