Saturday, May 20, 2006
Blue and roses
You know how it goes, you enter the needleshop for one thing and come out your hands full and a hole in the wallet. Good thing the day I went I needed a little or perhaps big pick me up, so I was 'open' to buy more than I was going in for. This store is downtown, where I don't go often so in itself it was a treat. I went in for two colors of floss I was missing to complete the Blue Flowers by Permin of Copenhagen kit. I like that I have everything ready for when I want to start.

Then I walked around the store numerous times, the poor lady there was worried aobut me I think, she kept checking what I was doing. LOL! By the time I hit the cash register I believe she was happy that I bought quite a lot, well at least for me. In the sales bins I found a pattern that was reduced from 10$ to 2$, so I then got the floss needed and fabric to stitch on. I found the charts for Knotwork bookmarks 1 which I am so happy to get. I just love celtic knots and although I never really knitted cables in my knitting days, I can at least stitch them easily in cross stitch. ;)

Had a very eventful week but hopefully things will slow down from now on. I really don't think that, as a family, we can take any more than we've experienced in the last two weeks. Big Fox is back and is trying more than ever to make our relationship work, he's been seeing someone to talk too and has mentioned that it would be nice if we both went too. I will go see my doctor (eventually!) and once I know that I am a-ok on the health side, then I will look more into support for the emotional side.

I have been thinking of getting a job also, something that doesn't really make me happy but it might be good for me and the family. It would have to be part-time so I can still spend lots of time with the kids this summer and then once both kids start school we shall see. It would be nice to have a bit more funds, even if it's just to buy more stitching stuff. LOL!

This week I received my first stitching related catalog, it's been a great inspiration and has many items I never saw before. I think everyone living under our roof has looked through the Nordic Needle catalog, each saying which charts they preferred. I think they were hinting for future gifts, right? lol!

I am almost done with the fairy's dress, picture tomorrow as I want to finish it before posting it. LOL!


Blogger Lelia said...

Wonderful stash! yeah, I know how the wallet takes a beating in a needlework shop -- stuff hops off the shelf into the shopping basket : ) LOL

The B&R (permin) is beautiful! Hope you remembered to get the 2 floss skeins you needed : )

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