Friday, May 26, 2006
Fairy progress
For Ladybug's birthday I wanted to finish the fairy's dress and I made it. She was so pleased and decided I should start stitching the collar, then go up for the face and hat. I like to involve the kids, that way they stay excited about the project I make them and they feel they have helped out in there own way. ;)


Ladybug just celebrated her 7th birthday this past week and I am amazed to see how much she has grown. This is a picture of both kids on our way to breakfast on that special day. Who knew you could get birthday cake for breakfast at a restaurant. LOL!

JD sampler + JCS Ornaments

I couldn't resist a sale and bought new stash again... Traditional Stitches had a chart and it's coordinating embellishment pack for 25% off, then I added the JCS 2005 Ornaments issue and since the 2004 issue was 75% off, I clicked it in my basket too. LOL! It will be fun to try stitching my 1st sampler, I am a bit scared of speciality stitches but one thing at a time, I still have a few projects before I start the sampler. The Just Cross Stitch magazines are mostly to make holiday ornaments but I know they include some designs that cost more than the issue to buy seperately. It's scary, I am starting to build a small stitching stash but geez! it is SO MUCH FUN! teehee!

Slowly but surely, Big Fox's and I are trying to become friends again, we have strong feelings for each other but I hurt just so much from his last 'escapade'. I feel like I want him to feel my pain, yet that is not fair to him, he is trying to make things better, especially when it comes to the future. I am actually very proud of what he is doing, which would include a job change. We just haven't found our way to communicate together yet. Hopefully that will change though...

By the way, I am sorry if my blog doesn't show up too well for some, I use Firefox and see it like I would want others to see it, IE doesn't seem to work well though. I wish I knew how to change it but I don't, so go get Firefox, it's free and safer for your computer than IE!


Blogger Karen said...

Sales!! I have a love - hate relationship with them. LOL I love them.. my bank account hates them. ;)

Your kids are very cute. And good luck with your first sampler.

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