Friday, May 12, 2006
One down, one to go
This is my 1st cross stitch piece from a kit. I bought this on sale as it represents my son's favorite movie. This was an Aida fabric and I modified (aka fudge a few errors) but haven't signed it yet. I'd like to frame it so he can look at it in his room. :)

About two weeks ago I started this piece using a chart (not from a kit!). This is the very 1st time I buy everything seperately, floss, fabric and chart. I think I spent an hour in the needleshop to find that one chart I really wanted to make. See the lovely fabric? It's from Sugar Maple Fabrics in the Gelati colors, I had to return it once I realised that the piece the owner of the store sold me was too small. Thanks to the online fabric calculators or I would've never found out. Now I get that I should have kept it and bought fabric instead of exchanging it. Anyway, fabric #2 was a white evenweave with silver thread throughout but then little monkey somehow got cherry popsicle on it... We washed it twice and then I ironed it forever and still I could see A) stains B) wrinkles. I was starting to hate that fabric altogether so I went to a different store and bought Jobelan 28-count in pale blue.

I'm trying not too start too many projects at once because I need to focus and I don't have enough supplies either. LOL! I just started stitching so I haven't invested much in equipment (needles, scissors, floss organizer) yet. Tonight I will stitch on the fairy a bit more and will update with a pic of how far I am soon. :)

In unrelated news, Big Fox or my mate, has packed all his gear and left for work. That's after his one day escapade without news and sleeping here barely a night. We have communicated once but it's very difficult to understand what's happening right now. Also Miss Ladybug is taking it a lot harder than Little Monkey is. I hope to get more news, to at least tell the kids what is going on 'cause I sure don't know. :(


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