Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Ten little toes
My daughter's 7th birthday prompted me to work on her birth announcement. LOL! It's never too late, right? ;) I'd say more than 50% is done by now and that's a great motivator. I am trying to keep my works in progress to a minimum and resist starting something from my new stash acquisitions. The fairy seems to take forever since I am stitching one full cross at a time. When I bought the floss the lady from the LNS encouraged me to get all hand dyed threads. It costed an arm and leg at the end and some of the colors weren't worth the price. Let's just say I don't go in and ask for her help as much... So the progress seems really slow compared to stitching a full row of half crosses and coming back to complete them.

Stitching is a learning hobby but I am just so eager to know everything now. LOL! I want to make my son a birth piece too but he's only 5 so I still have at least two years to make his. ;) I spent the day on the computer today, found many new freebies all over the place to add to my collection. Not sure how to organize myself though, should I print them or not? I have quite a few already but at least I could store the charts in a binder or something.

He said he loved me today, I know it's pretty basic in a couple but it is the 1st time I've heard it in two weeks. I think it was said out of routine at the end of a phone call but still he did say it. It got me tears, does he really feel that way? It has been quite a bumpy ride and I wonder, I just don't want to hurt anymore and I really want me and him to work out. Our latest bomb has been droped yesterday, he got a call that was telling him he is fired. Argh! It seems his boss's mother didn't like seeing that Big Fox has tattoos, sadly it took her 4 months to notice... On the bright side, he's available to work tonight at another place that pays daily and he'll have fun with the guys.

Other news too is that he already has a new job in the same field, he didn't know when he was starting as he wanted to be nice and give his boss a 2-weeks notice before leaving. Well, that plan changed quickly so he may start the new job sooner than we expected. After 120 hours he'll be in the union and that will brings it's own benefits to all of us too. Let's hope the rollercoaster ride that is our life has less bumps for a while. ;)

Off to stitch,


Blogger Karen said...

Makes you wonder if your LNS employees work off of commission. LOL

It sounds like your family is going through a rough time.. you will be in my thoughts. I hope it all works out for you.

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