Monday, June 26, 2006
Again with the question,
How do you end your floss? I know how to start by either leaving a lenght and stitch over it along the way or the loop method which I like and makes a neat start but not for overdyed floss. The problem is with ending the floss though, I usually will pass under 4 stitches and cut my thread. How about when you do blackwork or backstitching without stitches around to tuck the thread under?

Shoot! I totally forgot about Fairy day on June 24, wish I had remembered, though possibly it had something to do with not finding my wings that day. LOL! ;) I hope a few of you celebrated with pixie dust and whatnot! I hope to stitch the freebie fairy from Passione Ricamo, isn't it just beautiful? I really like the arabesque alphabet collection they made as freebies too. Now here's my question, how do you know how much floss you need for solid color project? Is there a way to calculate it or do people just buy extra floss for a 1-color project?

I never made it to stitching the fleur de lys flowers this weekend. That's ok, I put a schedule for fun and no pressure at all, I am still learning to stitch so I am not going to worry about speed yet. On that note, I will pull out my daughter's fairy project this week, she will be happy to see me work on it for a while.

Big Fox started a new job today, it's a really good one with a union and all the stuff that a 'real' job includes. He has 15 days of working to get into the union then his job is assured. So the countdown begins... 14 days left. ;)


Blogger Barbara said...

Usually if more than one skein of floss is required, the designer will make a note of how many you'll need to complete the project. :)

Good luck with Big Fox's new job and getting into the union!!

Blogger bunnyhead said...

When backstitching, I sort of weave my end of floss into the last handful of stitches. I usually leave a little extra length for this purpose, because it seems to take more to make it secure.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Joy I am visiting your blog from another x stitch blog and thought I say Hi and I'll pop back often to see your lovely stitching

have a great day :-)

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