Saturday, June 24, 2006
First, a huge thank you for all of you who left me birthday wishes. They warmed my heart in the best of ways. :) Big Fox gave me a 2 page wide magnetic board, which is perfect for stitching my sampler. On the left I can read the chart and of the right I see the instructions for the sampler. :) My mom gave me a gift certificate for new clothes which I so badly need but I keep hoping I will magically loose a few pounds first. LOL! My magical powers must be off because it hasn't been working. ;)

I am amazed at the difference backstitching makes. I had some trouble on the church but I am satisfied on how it looks. This is a learning piece after all, I'm all by myself in this so I do my best. I hoped to get the Montreal sampler for my birthday but that's ok, I will get it on my own at a later time. I am a big shopaholic so I will try to hold off getting the chart until after I finish this one. I have already bought floss for ±3 other big projects so I won't be left dry when I am done the sampler. Also I am having a blast trying to see what project to stitch from Barbara's generous loot! I am thinking ornaments on some smaller pieces. :)

To keep up with my Big Fox drama, yesterday when the kids got up, they saw that he hadn't come home to sleep. It was my daughter's last day of school before summer break and he had promised all week he would go to her class recital in the afternoon. My son had an all-day activity also and it broke his little heart also. He even asked me in the morning if daddy had left an email for them. Ack! My heart ached so much for them. When at around 11am Big Fox just stormed in the house like nothing happened, let's say he got an earful from me... His 'excuse' was perhaps a good one but my kids hearts were broken and he just doesn't get it.

We ran to the park to see if our daughter's class was still at the wading pool. We caught up with them just before they left, when she saw her father, her eyes just light up. I told her he'd be there for her recital and she gave me a huge hug. I knew that she'd have a great day from then on and it was important for me that she enjoys the last day of school. They were eating in class so it would be a good 3 hours for her before the recital. Our son went to China for the day, well at least visited the neighborhood. LOL! He talked to his 'teacher' about daddy, I don't blame him but then let's just say it doesn't stay private when the teacher's learn stuff like that. The community center is quite small yet everyone knows everything about everyone...

Big Fox starts his new job on monday, this is a good job, the best he's ever had actually. Within three weeks he would be in the union and let's cross our fingers it will mean a better future. Let's hope it involves a better family future too, a cat has nine lives, I am not sure how many more chances we can give Big Fox. The kids are growing older and each event affects us more and more each time.

Off to stitch, I have to finish the hungarian stitches so I can move onto the fleur de lys. It's celebration today, a huge holiday in Quebec and the weather is wonderful out. Perhaps we shall install the tent and sleep outside even? ;)


Good morning Joy,

Your church looks sooooo real, yes backstitching makes all the difference doesn't it.

I was so very happy to hear that Big Fox did make your kids day after all - so very important. Wonderful about his new job. Will be rooting for you that this is a turning point for the better.

Have a Happy Quebec Holiday.

Hugs, Margaret

Blogger Carol said...

I am so sorry to hear of your marital problems. I feel badly for you and your children... the blogging community is here for you, so vent if you want to! {{{Hugs}}}

Blogger Barbara said...

Great progress picture - the big difference that backstitching makes, makes it worth the doing (even if it tedious).

I'm glad Big Fox made it for the kids' big events after all, though it's sad he put everyone through the unhappiness of thinking he wasn't coming. Maybe the new job will help him concentrate on priorities?

Very glad the stash pack is giving you ideas for future stitching projects! :)

Blogger Nona said...

Your church looks wonderful. Backstitching really does make the difference sometimes. :)

I'm glad that Big Fox was able to make the kids happenings. I know how tough that can be for the little ones.

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