Saturday, June 03, 2006
Gotta love online shopping!

I have received my order from Traditional Stitches yesterday and I am happy to report that the sampler from Jeannette Douglas is even more beautiful than I expected. Imagine how happy that made me! :) Then I spent my afternoon sitting outside checking the Just Cross Stitch magazines I bought. The two M Designs patterns offered in the issues were totally worth it, I am eager to stitch the Joy and Peace trees!

I also went window shopping on Ebay and clicked a buy-it button, oh dear! LOL! I should mention that I found something unsettling though. One seller was selling hard to find charts, after searching a bit, I found out they were selling pages from a magazine (that is easy to find old issues of). Now if it were said in the auction, I guess it would be ok but they are selling the patterns at the same price the whole magazine sells for. At least in a mag, there's a potential of liking more than just one pattern. So that's that, my wish list grows longer each day. I am starting to see which designers I like and themes that appeal to me.

Fairy update, I am now up to the face. I will be changing the hair color but Ladybug wants me to keep the blue eyes. I was trying to make the fairy look more like her but she's the boss. I am itching so bad to start other projects though, at least the DMC colors I can stitch small rows of half cross and back. All that single cross stitching is boring me. Lesson learned, don't buy 90% of hand dyed floss for a full piece. Last night was the 1st time I dealt with cutting a length of floss. I didn't know how long to cut, I felt so foolish but this is my first non-kit piece. Since the beginning of stitching this fairy, I have been using hand dyed so haven't had to cut floss lenghts yet. LOL! I wonder if there's some sort of rule of thumb so that I don't waste too much.

Now here's a question for the very few that stumble upon my blog. How do you buy fabric? Do you buy by the yard/meter at your local needle shop and then cut it up as you need it. Buy what a pattern suggests or buy some fabrics and then use from stash when you start a project? At the moment, I am kitting my charts, so I buy floss and fabric so that all is ready for when I will start it. I'm not sure it's the best way as I have to go to the LNS each time I buy a new chart. I want to start some little quick stitches like ornaments and freebies that are available online. I don't think I should just buy tiny pieces of fabric each time and I feel like I'm bothering the seller each time I go in with questions, boy do I have questions too. ;) Also how does one build a floss stash? At the moment I am buying DMC floss as each pattern requires but I don't know how to store them. I am still quite disorganized with my stitching, I'd love to know how people store there work in progress, floss and all that.

Off to stitch I go. :)


Blogger Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Joy, and leaving a comment.

In the past, when we had a LNS, I bought only the required fabric as I needed it. Now that the LNS has closed, I've been watching for sales and buying fat quarters in neutral shades that can be interchanged fairly easily. And I have to say that since I've started stocking up on fabric it has made everything so much more enjoyable. It's really nice to just go into your stash and pick something out and start right away.

As for floss, I was given a chart with a list of all the DMC flosses available. As I bought some I would check it off on the list. I would splurge and buy a lot when I saw it on sale and now, I have a complete set. For overdied threads and silks, I just buy as I need.

The rule of thumb for cutting floss is between 12" and 18". I tend to stick with the longer length.

WOW! Long comment.. hehe Hope it helps : )

Blogger bunnyhead said...

You got some great goodies! I love your blog design and I am SO stealing your mini sudoku. Hope you don't mind, but I'm completely addicted to those stupid puzzles!

Blogger Lelia said...

I buy linen both ways -- as the pattern calls for -or- if a sale is going on, a 1/4 or 1/2 yard of something I like to use (32-count lambswool linen).

I have a basket near my desk & I toss my current stuff inside every evening. (Tori's cat loves it when the perle coton is left out) Other things are in the closet in no special order.

I kept floss in shoe boxes for years. Recently, I found a box at Michael's that I like. I put my floss in sandwich bags (cheap ones from the dollar store) -- and stand them upright in the box. The floss is sorta by numbers. Like one bag has 500-501-502, etc. It works for me.

There are on-line shopping checklists for floss shopping. (check out the dmc site)

special threads - well, I try to avoid them!! if it is a must-have, I'll get what the pattern calls for.

Good to hear your stash enhancing was so much fun. odd to sell a few pages of a magazine, don't you think?

Good luck organizing your things.

Blogger Barbara said...

Hi Joy! I store my floss in various sized Ziploc bags in a little bureau my DH bought for me. I just got some floss-away bags to try, but haven't used them yet. I buy fabric that I like - I don't usually use exactly what a pattern calls for - and try to buy it on sale. There's no real LNS around here, so this method works for me.

I saw an Irish seller doing this magazine trick - thank goodness I thoroughly read the "fine print" and realized she was just selling torn-out pages from magazines!

Blogger Karin said...

you've got a great start on yout stitching, Joy, and great taste in patterns!

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