Friday, June 30, 2006
I love pixie dust.
Well we just survived the 1st week of summer vacation! It started out with great sunshine and fun at the kiddie pool in the park. Then an allergic reaction to make-up crayons kept the kids away from their beloved wading pool for two l-o-n-g days but finally the rash has vanished. Then today has been a day filled with beautiful bouts of sunshine in between bouts of thunderstorm. We got cought in the 'wall' of rain once but it was a fun experience, people in cars smiled and laughed at us running crazily. We were being crazy 'cause we did enjoy singing in the rain after all. ;-)

Although we were pretty busy, with the two kids at home, I tried my best to keep on with stitching progress. I didn't do as good as I had hoped for but it still is progress. The fairy is starting to look like she is wearing a hat. I actually missed stitching on this piece, it's fun to do a few rows of simple X's even if I have to stitch them one by one. The missing parts in her face and the eyes and mouth, I know it looks odd, I will add them in soon.

Fleur de Lys is on break for a few days, I finished Row 1 and am pretty pleased. It looks a LOT better than I expected for my 1st sampler. The 2nd row is only backstitching so it should go well... I hope. Then the 3rd row is a simple speciality stitch so progress should go well with the sampler.

Now to keep with tradition here's Joy's question of the day! LOL! I keep having questions and basically this blog is where I can get a few answered. ;-) Today's question is a basic one but I have to ask, what are needlerolls used for? I often see charts for them but I am not sure what the purpose of them are, it would be nice to know before I make one.

Tomorrow is Canada day celebrations but in Quebec we have another meaning for this day. It is the official Moving Day for many, many and many more quebecers. Most people that rent apartments have their 12-months lease start/end with july 1st. It is a very crazy day on smaller streets and there are moving trucks EVERYWHERE! For the last few years tv crews from other countries have been filming some of this phenomenon, apparently it's quite unique to see so many people move on the same day. Oh well, I'm just happy Big Fox isn't working as a mover this summer 'cause he'd never be home again. The Canada flag is a cross stitch design by Lynne Nicoletti, she has created a collection of designs that include hidden images in them. Very neat!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. :)


Blogger Karen said...

Happy Canada Day! I like that flag.. might have to add it to my wish list. ;)

As for needlerolls.. I haven't actually made one myself, so, I can't really say. They do appear to be just decorative pieces. I always kinda wondered about them myself.

Your fairy is looking really nice!

Your fairy is turning out great. Isn't working on a lovely project totally relaxing!!

So its moving day in Quebec. To think that during all the years I lived in Canada I never knew about it and then I saw a documentary when we were living in Holland. I'm sure it's not practical but I love old traditions.

Oh please, when you find out what needlerolls are for - TELL ME!! I can't figure it out.

Love your flag.


Blogger Barbara said...

Your stitching is great!

I've been told that needlerolls can be used as pin cushions but they're mainly decorative.

Blogger Concetta said...

Your stitching is beautiful... so happy to have found your blog. :)

Blogger Karin said...

Happy (belated) Canada Day - I haven't a clue what needlerolls are for, but I love the shape - they look like Christmas Crackers of years past.

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