Saturday, June 17, 2006
Not the stitching progress you expect,
Last week I bought a scroll frame and didn't know what to expect, would I like it or not? At first I was pretty intimidated by the scroll bars but it's been going well. I still prefer the ease of my 'fake' Q-snap though, so I may invest in more at a later time. My fabric store sells 2 sizes of quilting frames that look just like the Q-Snap but at a fraction of the cost. I sure wish they had more sizes, right now I have tubes to make up 11X11, 17X17 or 11X17, not very practical for smaller pieces or samplers though. What can I say, it takes time to build up stitching stash, either patterns and floss or accessories like scissors, needles and all that. Maybe if I cross my fingers really hard, I will get a needleshop gift certificate for my birthday! ;)

This may look like little progress but I have spent quite some time of this. I can't wait to try out the specialty stitches even if they scare me a whole lot. LOL! You have no idea how happy I am to stitch this sampler, I just like it so much but of course, couldn't have been busier all week. I did find that if I put the kids to sleep earlier we all win, they are more rested and I.... get to stitch. Sneeky, right? ;)

In the past week, I have been cheating and stitching a different way... I have been knitting most of my stitches these last few days. ;) I just finished a pair of socks and already started a new pair using Regia Cotton. I don't recall knitting cotton socks before but these will be great for summer wear. I need full concentration to stitch so the knitting is good to keep my hands busy when I'm outside with the kids playing in the yard and times like that. Perhaps if I started a few small projects I could stitch more throughout the day but for now I just aim to stitch at night.

Jeremiah Junction country bloomers

Just got this in the mail and saved with shipping half of what it would have cost me to buy it locally. Ever since I first saw it, I have loved the Country Bloomers but I didn't know the name so couldn't figure out who had designed it. Luckily I noticed many liked it too and found the bloomers on a few blogs. Some stitchers are so creative and changed some designs for the bloomers, as for me, I'll just go basic and do it as charted. I am too scared to change anything to be quite honest. LOL!

wings of courage dragon dreams

When I bought the scroll frame I received this chart from my mom: Wings Of Courage by Dragon Dreams

Have a nice weekend, we have full rain for the next 2 days, just like last weekend. At least we like the rain, the garden too so we just wear raincoats and jump in each puddle we meet. Makes the day more fun if you ask me! ;)


Blogger Karen said...

Country Bloomers is really cute. Can't wait to see it stitched up.

Good luck with your scroll frame. I love them, but I've never tried Q-Snaps. Only have hoops to compare to, and I don't really like hoops.

Blogger Lelia said...

Hi Joy:

Good start on your sampler. The Country Bloomers looks fun to stitch!

I enjoy using scroll bars/frame. I started with q-snaps & they work ok, too. For me, holding the frame, hoop, q-snap was terrible! I'm really a two handed stitcher & enjoy have the scroll frame on a stand.

Enjoy the week-end

Blogger Barbara said...

I really like the Q Snaps too. They're the easiest thing I've used yet. I just bought a small one for tiny projects but haven't tried it out yet. :)

Hi Joy,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Thought I'd drop by your's. The 'Country Bloomers' are so cute. No wonder you've been looking for them. How sweet of your mom to buy you the 'Wings of Courage' sampler, it's so pretty. HURRAY FOR MOMS.

Would you believe I've never tried scroll bars or q-snaps. Have made some pieces using a hoop but still prefer just having the fabric in my hands.

Your children are adorable!!!!!


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