Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Number 29!
Today I am a year older, I turn 29 years old for the first time. LOL! I believe some people stop counting after that age. On the other hand turning 30 has been on my mind a lot these past few weeks. I am very far from what I had imagined my life would be or my dreams for when I would be thirty. I still have a year to change that, we shall see what adventures this new year will bring me. At 29 years of age, I never thought I would see my two kids start school, I never knew I'd be blessed with having two children to start with.

Now onto stitching, less than 10 days ago I won a contest on Barbara's blog. I received her package yesterday but let her know that I would torture myself and wait to open it today! It makes it even better to have received a birthday present from the Netherlands if you think about it! ;) Now could I get a better gift or what? I think my fabrics stash just tripled. LOL! I even got some beautiful floss including some SILKS!!! This will be something very new for me to try. I couldn't be more excited!!! :) Barbara, thank you, thank you, thank you, who knew Dumbo would make me win so much. ;)

I didn't quite meet the schedule I had row my Fleur de Lys sampler but I shall be right on track for Row #2 on June 24! The second row is composed of fleur de lys which are the flower emblem of our province. June 24th is St-Jean-Baptiste holiday, our fĂȘte nationale for all quebecers, I believe it compares to July 4th in the USA. It usually is the first official day where all kids start their summer holidays so it is celebrated with a big bang. Also it's all about french on that day and how many quebecers want to seperate and politics are just not my thing. ;) We prefer small gatherings and picnics rather than joining the half-million people that listen to a concert in a park. So hopefully on St-Jean-Baptiste I will be stitching my fleur de lys and participating on that day in my own special way. ;)

After having quite an eventful weekend with Big Fox sleeping elsewhere... we celebrated father's day on monday then my birthday the next day. I think lack of sleep caught up because by 9pm last night I was already in bed snoozing, how is that for partying? LOL! Some better news are coming our way though so happier times should finally happen for us. :)


Blogger Isabelle said...

Happy Birthday, Joy!

Happy Birthday Joy.
How wonderful that your gift from Holland arrived right in time.
Enjoy your special day.


Blogger Carol said...

Happy Birthday Joy!

30 isn't even that bad - I get stuck being 43 next month, and not totally loving that - when I turn 50 I will wish I were 43 again! I guess it is all relative, and you are as young as you feel anyhow LOL

Blogger Karen said...

Happy Birthday Joy!! And what a nice prize.

Blogger Barbara said...

Happy birthday!! Nearing 30 isn't nearly as bad as it seems at the time - though I admit to being a little nervous about having 40 getting closer all the time.

So glad you enjoyed your packet of goodies - can't wait to see what you'll do with them! :)

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