Sunday, October 01, 2006
Is this mic on?
I am totally embarassed for not posting all summer. I am so sorry that I vanished like that. Basically I haven't done any stitching in months and have tried to spend almost all my time with the kids. I found myself stressing over what to blog about and since we are still in financial troubles my stash hasn't increased.

As a way to try and post more regularly though, I will try to share more about my family life and hopefully stitch a few projects along the way.

Let's start with a happy news... for me! My kids are back into figure skating!!! I love the sport but last fall Miss Ladybug decided she didn't want to get back into the sport after skating for two years. I understood her decision, she had trained with two private coaches that she disliked and she really loved skating so I did not want to push her to hate the sport. See, when she skates, you can sense that she's in her element, she glides effortlessly on the ice. She spins, does jumps (small ones!) and smiles, oh does she ever smile when she is at the ice rink. My heart broke when I didn't register her for skating last fall but I smiled and said it was her decision and I was ok with it. We went to the rink when it was free for the public to skate a few times last winter though.

Little monkey did about 1,5 season of skating, he enjoys it but lacks a bit of coordination doing it. ;-) He did enjoy it enough though to start again this year. Miss Ladybug was 5yo when she stopped skating and was already training with kids around 9-10yo, so it was tough sometimes around bigger kids for her. Little monkey would skate with the toddlers but 'run' (skate) away from the group to the other end of the ice and join his sister. It was so funny, he was 3yo and on a mission to not skate with the "babies". He wanted to skate with the big kids and it looked like no one else noticed him. So once he was with his big sis. the coaches then sent him back to the other end with the young ones. Half way through the season, the coaches decided that if my Monkey could skate from one end of the ice to the other just to see Ladybug, then he was good enough to join her in the group lessons. Sure he wasn't as far in the program as they were but the teen coaches made sure to show him techniques for his level nonetheless. You can imagine that I wasn't surprised when at the 1st class this season they placed my two kids together. LOL! I am happy that the teen coaches are ones I really liked in other seasons and they really care for my kids so everyone's happy! :-) (They may remember me as being the mom that gives them free movie tickets at the Christmas party!) lol!

I don't expect them to get many levels completed this year but that's ok. We tried private lessons before and it wasn't for us. So the group lessons are good for the kids (and way cheaper for my wallet!). Ladybug has 5 of the 6 badges already and Monkey has 2. In a week or two the kids will get their club gear and I'll post a pic then, they'll look so cute. LOL! Oh and on a side note, of course my kids are the only ones wearing helmets in their group. What can I say, I may overproctect my kids but ice is hard and their minds are fragile.

To celebrate this post, I vow to pick up some stitching today and stitch at least a row or two. ;-) Sorry for the lack of pictures today but I totally forgot to bring my camera at the rink. Soon though... you wait and see.


Blogger bunnyhead said...

Can't wait to see some stitching and skating pics! We all go through slumps every now and then. :)

Blogger Karin said...

Welcome back! Good to see you posting again.

Blogger Leah said...

Welcome back!

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